Our Philosophy on Foster Parenting

Our philosophy on being a foster parent with Good Hearts is that we want to strive to be the best for the children in our care. We believe that foster parents apply, to have the title of “parents”, not “caregivers”. Being a parent to a foster child who comes into a foster home does not eliminate the foster child’s need for a family’s love. Good Hearts will assist foster parents to become good “parents” to the children in their care and encourage them to have the same attitude as if the foster children were their own.

Good Hearts’ foster parents will work with children and allow them to grasp life as a child who is loved by their parents. They will look and feel as though they belong to a natural birth family. The foster parent will want to have the child in their home not for the value in which the child can bring into the home, but for the value the parent can instill into the child.