Philosophy on Emergency Behavior Interventions

Emergency Behavior Interventions are interventions used in an emergency situation, including personal restraints, when a client is at risk of harming self or others.

Good Hearts prohibits the following emergency behavior interventions:

  • physical restraint on pregnant children;
  • seclusion;
  • chemical restraint, chemical sprays, drops, ointments, or any form of topically-administered substance, including tear gas and pepper sprays, emergency medications;
  • mechanical restraints including, but not limited to, the use of handcuffs, harnesses, high chairs used for discipline purposes, and any type of rope or strap used to tie children; and
  • successive emergency behavior interventions (i.e. the use of emergency behavior interventions and emergency medications).

It is the desire of Good Hearts that no child in its care should be restrained. Personal restraint may be used only in instances in which the Treatment Team has included such a provision in the child’s Treatment Plan.